Photos of Bear Cat &

Camp Red Ball

By Nathan Meek

HQ & A Co 709th Maint. Bn

Thank You Nathan for helping

 The 709th Maint Bn.

1)  This is escort Vessels for the 3 ship convoy docked in Okinawa  

2) PFC Carvin from AL. during a man overboard excurses aboard the USNS Upshur

3)  This is a few of the fright ships as we entered Vung Tul

4) ????

5) PFC Freeman, PFC Hooper, PFC Dohan and SP4 Noe as

 Me & Ted Horodniak Leaves for Camp Red Ball in Saigon to work.

6)  We seat beside a water trailer at Cholon Barracks

7)  Guess who PFC Nathan Meek

8)  Outside Camp Red Ball near Saigon March 15, 1967

9)  Here’s the buildings like everyone lives in. I lived in the one on the left

10)  Nathan Meek on the sundeck aboard the USNS Upshur about 30 miles from Iwojima

11) Here is some equpiment we use here at Hq & A Co in the back is a tank

wrecker and in the front and a fork lift, then some trucks

12) Here is a train load of equipment as it leaves for California

13)  USNS Gen. Rose leaves Oakland  CA taken from the USNS Upshur as it sales for Vietnam

 14) Golden gate Bridge

15) ?????

16)  This is one of the talent shows we had on the USNS Upshur.

This is a little sailor we had singing for us

17)  This is the rear view of USNS Upshur as we were docked off pier 5

 Nake harbor Okinawa in root to Vietnam

18)  Long Bunh Departure Center.  SP 4 Poole Squatting in front he was a red ball driver from Bear Cat


19)  New Barracks Camp Red Ball

20) Movie Theater at Camp Red Ball

21) Blue Moon out house Camp Red Ball

22) Daughter of the family where we lived

23) 5 Pedi cab Saigon 1967

24) Red Ball cargo air fright in the back yard

25) Red Ball Office at Tan San Nhut

26) ???

27) Working Red Ball Parts

28)  House Girl



30) Q.C.Post 

31)   Houses all around  Camp Red Ball

32) Water Buffalo near Saigon

33)  9th div chopper at Tan San Nhut Heili pad picking up parts

34)  Radar at Tan San Nhut

35) Pan An R&R plane

36) Working on a plane

37) Shell Fuel Truck refueling Civilian passenger planes

38) Daughter of our house girl

39) Solar cloths drying

40) Vietnam Air force Sky Raiders

41)  You can haul anything on a cyclo

42) greatest Fear in Saigon is trapped in traffic

43) ???

44) Air Force

45) Guard Tower Camp Red Ball

46) Camp Red Ball near Tan San Nhat in Tan Kwan north of Saigon

47) ???

48) Water System Camp Red Ball

49)  Freighter in Saigon


50)  Saigon River Highway 1

51)  Rice Paddies near Saigon

52) Entering Saigon

53) Helipad Long Binh

54)  543rd Trans unit at Long Binh

55)  Long Binh Hwy

56)  Cyclo uses passenger for bumper

57)  Road into Bear Cat  Welcome sign was not there until later

58)  Approach to Bear Cat Perimeter the new road into Bear Cat was built early in 1967

59)  Arvn Long Binh

60) 90th Replacement 1st stop

61)  Saigon Street Repair

62) Saigon Market Saigon

63) Saigon street at night

64)  Working at Camp Red Ball

65) a C-130 plane

66) 9th Inf Div Camp Red Ball parts waiting to be trucked out

67)  Local Catery we weren’t allowed to eat in any mess halls

68)  Horse being taken to the race track near Tan San Nhat

69) Ship at 506th

70) Working the mail at Camp red Ball

71) C-123 Cargo plane

72) ????

73) Nathan Meek first part at Camp Red Ball Express

74) Entrance to Saigon Zoo started in 1867

75) Two girls near Saigon

76) F-104 Plane

77)  Street vender in front of the house where we stayed

78) My Room

79) ????

80) Time out for a little dancing in the street

81) Ships outside 709th Red Ball Liaison office

82) Street we lived on Tran Qui Kep

83) ????

84) House Girl at Camp Red Ball

85) Outside Camp Red Ball

86) Air Vietnam

87) Ted Horodniak  on laundry day

88) Sgt Deese ( Blue- 1st logistics Com ) & Ted Horodniak  709th

89) Body Boxes at Camp Red Ball

90) Jeep Camp Red Ball

91) Red Ball Parts All units in Vietnam got Red Ball parts from this location

92) Motor Pool at Camp Red Ball

93) Air Vietnam Planes

94) View from guard tower at Camp Red Ball

95) Typing School Saigon

96) We did have some slow times usually late at night

97) Approaching Main Gate Tan San Nhut

98) ????

99) 55 Chevrolet in Saigon, there was a car lot there with only American cars

100) just planes

101) Silk Milk in Tan Kwan

102) Water & Mud everywhere, Mail containers at Camp Red Ball

103) Hobbs, Bisson, Mittingly,Ruddy, Lighting from 1st Logistics Com

104) There  was all kinds of plans at Tan San Nhit

105) Hanger at Red Ball Express used at Tan San Nhut

106) We Work Red Ball 24/7

107) Cemetery behind Camp Red Ball

108) Going to the roof to wash clothes

109) Red Ball Parts

110) Gate into Tan San Nhut

111) You can haul anything on a cyclo

112) Saigon street at night

113) Pontiac Tempest in Sagion in 1967

114) SP4  Charles L Strow at Red Ball Express

115)  Cholon Barracks Rice Mill

116)  Cholon Barracks Rice Mill

117) Saigon River

118) View of Tran Qui Kep from my room

119)  Bridge over to Cholon Island

Thank You Nathan for the photos

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