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The 2015 Message From Our President Mike Palmeri



List of 709th & 99th Association Officers for 2014/2015



Vice President


Mike Palmeri

Chuck Gallinger

Roy Francis

10 Palmeri Lane

3325 Vinland St

1936 Chota Rd

McHenry, MS 39561


La Habra, CA 90631








Membership Chairman

Web Master

John (Jack) Delong

John Blanchette

Dean Ayres

2325 Huntingdon Rd

83 Herbert Dr

14605 Old York Rd. PO Box 96

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

East Harford, CT 06118

Phoenix, MD 21131



H- 410-527-1204



C- 443-250-7642



deanayres@comcast net

Active Duty Troop Officer

VA Service Officer

Public Relations Officer

David Sennick

Steve Fetty

Ken Foss

8049 SE 140th Cir Lot 25

868 Green Farms RD

7320 Woodsman Circle

Inglis, FI 34449

Falls of Rough, KY 40119

Holland, OH 43528










Reunion Coordinator

Technical Support Officer


Dean Ayres



14605 Old York Rd. PO Box 96

Steve Fetty


Phoenix, MD 21131

868 Green Farms RD


H- 410-527-1204

Falls of Rough KY 40119


C- 443-250-7642












Message From The President

Dear Vietnam Veteran,

As the current president of the 709th Maintenance Battalion and 99th Combat Support Battalion Association, I want to extend a greeting of "Hello" and a heartfelt "Thank You" for your honorable service in Vietnam and the 9th Infantry Division.  You are an Army soldier who is a part of our country's national treasure - the U.S. Military.  You rightfully deserve to be proud of your military service. You served our country when many found ways to avoid service.

The Association consisting of members who served in Vietnam and the 9th Infantry Division have banded together to form a group in which we can share our special memories of that time so long ago.

 At our reunions, we exchange stories of fear, loneliness, and friendship and the fun times all of which are embedded in our memories.  It is always heartwarming to be together again with our brothers.  The events at the reunion were hosted by our good friends, Dean Ayres and his family who will organize many activities to be announced, fireworks and enough food and beverages to feed an army.  It is simply a great occasion and so much fun.

In order to maintain our momentum, we need your support.  I would like you to please consider participating in our next reunion and become a member of our Association; the reunion for 2015 will be Sept 16-19 it again will take place in the Hunt Valley, Maryland area. We are in the process of planning a bus trip on Thurs Sept 17th, details to be posted as soon as they are finalized.

 Please mark your calendars now and plan to bring your spouse, girlfriend, family members. Each year the wives bond just as much as we vets. They share the common bond of being the spouse of a Vietnam veteran. Everyone always has a wonderful time.

Those who have attended can testify that we start looking forward to the next reunion the day after the latest one ends!

Optional membership in the association is suggested but NOT required. These monies will be used to defray administrative costs such as mailings, printings, etc.  All the effort in keeping our Association viable is done on a voluntary basis and we sincerely appreciate the effort of our current members.

In closing and in behalf of our Association, we wish you well and we hope that you will join our group.


Mike Palmeri

President of the Association









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Dues:______ Annual - $  20.00   ______ 3 year - $ 50.00   Donations: _______________


Please make all checks payable to; 709th Maint. Bn. & 99th CSB Association and Mail to


John F. Delong   2325 Huntingdon Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA. 19006


Please refer to the web site at  www.alwaysable.org for more Info.



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